Our Story

Fashion Trend was created to provide luxurious accessories at the best possible prices. We firmly believe that good looking fashion should not come at the expense of the buyer. We source products from various suppliers all over the world to give buyers the best looking accessories at the best possible prices. 

Why do we give away Free items?

Due to the long working relationship with our factories, we are able to give away many of their items (for a low cost to us) that have been unsold. This helps us in giving our customers affordable and luxurious accessories at the lowest possible cost.

But why do we do it? 

  • We are sure you will absolutely LOVE what we sell and use it quite often.
  • People will ask where you got them and you will say Fashion Trend
  • This will create word of mouth advertising for our paid product range, which is far more powerful than traditional advertising.
  • Since our launch, over 30% of customers who got a free watch have bought an additional paid watch. This is where our brand makes a profit which is also what our business model is based on.

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